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Mr. Noorul Arfeen

Noorul arfeen

Mr. Noorul Arfeen

Mr. Noor Ul Arfeen is Chairman of NoorCo Consultancy, NoorCo Capital & NoorCo Trading AFZE, living in London, United Kingdom. Mr. Noorul Arfeen began his education and professional career in London studying Accounting. He has over 20 years´ experience in senior management and customer facing roles within the finance , construction and hospitality industry. He is also heavily involved in philanthropic activities through various foundations. He has experienced and explored many different areas within these fields including creating and developing brands, launching his own restaurants and residential and commercial development.

Mr. Noorul Arfeen is also in a dynamic role where he advises upon trends and analyses statistics relating to the currency, precious metals and property industries. He has extensive knowledge and experience within tax planning and believes that simplifying complex issues for his clients is of utmost importance. He is now committed to delivering the best results for his clients in a credible and reliable way pulling upon his vast experience.


NoorCo Consultancy

Citizenship By Investment

NoorCo Consultancy is one of the oldest most reputable companies within the Citizenship by Investment industry and holds the strongest credentials. During its journey, NoorCo Consultancy has successfully processed a second nationality and passports for thousands of clients from over 45 countries across the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

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NoorCo Capital

Investment For Return

NoorCo Capital has 12 years experience, provide investment solutions to high net worth individuals and family offices, and their advisers, with an emphasis on capital preservation and clear achievement of objectives combined with a highly personalised service.

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