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Frequently Asked Questions

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Because commodities are able to hold inflation heat and volatility because of their short term nature, they offer a lucrative option. Diversifying trading business in different assets are profitable as there is a range of commodities from soft and perishable to precious metals. In the beginning NoorCo can help provide guidance so that you understand the nuances and reap the benefits of this attractive option. You can rely on NoorCo by dedicating a small portion to different commodities and enhance performance.

World over, with the target of achieving carbon neutrality ,copper demands are expected to rise. From China to European Union, Africa sustainable development is the new goals. Asia is especially the emerging market for copper trading with India having announced its Electrical vehicle policy and China to replace 50% of all vehicles by 2035. The solar energy sector is expected to see copper demand rise from 650,000 tonnes in 2020 to over 1.3 million tonnes in 2030. An electric vehicle xontains about 83 kg of copper as compared with an average 23 kg in an engine car.

Yes. While the entire world economy had negative impact during lockdown, UAE is expected to rise quickly by 2021 according to Growth, trend and forecast report 2020-2025. Over 2019 UAE witnessed 64% demands in the industrial sector driven by the manufacturing of medical equipments, sanitary products, masks ,technology tools, general trading, food and beverages etc. Recent approval of Dubai Silk road, strategic location of UAE at maritime crossroads and robust logistics infrastructure makes commodities trading profitable in UAE.

General Questions

Does noorco trading deals in currency trading?

Yes, NoorCo trading among its diverse business lines, deals in currency trade too. It has an international base of costumers in over thirteen countries spanning Asia, Africa and Middle East.

How much business lines noorco trading offers.

NoorCo trading offer trade in Copper, Currency, Paper, Retread tyres, precious metals, medical equipments ( keeping in mind Covid19 special needs) and Audio equipments for African markets.

What's the Noorco future plan in general trading for global market?

NoorCo capital has a dominant position in existing business lines over Asia, Africa and Middle East and it further strives to expand its revenue streams in coming future.

Can trading replace my day job?

Yes, with active trading and dedicating more time you will be able to replace your day job. Right guidance can minimise risks involved in big capital trade.

How is investing different from general trading

Investing refers to buying stocks with the intention of holding them for an extended time period . In general trading, companies operate in diverse business like machines, metals, equipments for short term.

How do I get started trading?

Research, observation, planning , dedicating capital, and analysis of risks are the first steps. NoorCo AFZE provide additional guidance to trade in diverse profitable commodities.