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NoorCo Trading AFZE is a General Trading & Commodity sourcing company for export market with diverse business lines including Paper, Retread Tyres, Copper, Curreny, Electrical Products, also precious metal(Gold, Silver, Platinum in Physical Stock).
The Company, headquartered in Dubai, has an international customer base spanning over thirteen countries within the Africa, Asia and Middle East regions.

NoorCo Trading AFZE operations are seamlessly managed from its office in Dubai, deploying the best business, and NoorCo Trading AFZE is on a growth mode, consolidating its dominant position on its existing business lines, whilst seeking to expand its revenue streams in the coming years.


That are the result of design and production according to the highest standards.


With a wide array of patterns for different applications and categories.


Strict policy of one exclusive territorial agent to ensure control for our distributors.


That includes competitive pricing, on-time deliveries, logistics, marketing and warranty support.

Business Lines

NoorCo Trading AFZE is a UAE, based General Trading Company. With partners, contributors, associates who are Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers and Traders, started operations in UAE which is a fast growing market and a trading hub.

Retread Tyres

COVID-19 Ag Device

GENEDIA W COVID-19 Ag device is a chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of specific antigens to COVID-19 present in human nasopharyngeal swab and sputum. Just Contact NoorCo Trader for trading in Covid-19Ag Device to fulfill your requirement.

Retread Tyres

Retread Tyres

NoorCo has huge consumer base in thirteen countries of Africa, Asia and Middle East. NoorCo captures economic and political conditions to track profitability. Technical analysis and data interpretation goes hand in hand when trading in retreaded tyres.



Copper is the third most widely used metal in the world. It profitability and plenty reserves gets it listed on major international exchanges. NoorCo provide sourcing and trade in copper, keeping in mind demands of developed and developing economies.



NoorCo Makes you aware of the risks and minimise them. A high level of risk is unavoidable in foreign exchange, NoorCo consider your investment objective, risk appetite to generate handsome profits. NoorCo tracks currency prices fluctuation based on the economic situation



Paper is obtained from raw material harvested from tree barks. This raw material is then converted into diverse forms for diverse use. Photocopy Paper, Recycled paper, Colorful poster paper rolls, Kraft paper rolls, White poster paper roll are the range of paper products..

Personal Protective Equipment

Electrical Prodcuts

NoorCo has satisfactorily served it's customers in UAE and worldwide. It is committed to ensuring that Electrical products are being placed quickly and cost-effectively in the hands of those most in need, including Electrical Equipment professionals..

Company Overviewy

NoorCo trading AFZE is one such reliable friend where general trading in these diversified business are taken care of.


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Global's Client



Ready to Trade in Precious metal

We ensures these specifications to track profitability and ensuring growth.

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A good trading strategy is the one that take into account relevant information about stock you're planning to trade, market and industry condition.