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Paper is obtained from raw material harvested from tree barks. This raw material is then converted into diverse forms for diverse use. Photocopy Paper, Recycled paper, Colorful poster paper rolls, Kraft paper rolls, White poster paper roll are the range of paper products NoorCo offer trade in. Most common use of these paper products is in Tissues and Paper towels, Greeting cards,Cardboard, Newspapers and Magazines.

Spanning Asia , Africa and Middle East where economies are in developing mode and still reluctant to go completely digital, NoorCo has wide consumer base. NoorCo keeps in mind the special Global south demands and it's consumer's profitable business.


Economic benefit

With covid 19 presence in the world, there is digital transformation on one side. Whereas, On the other side there is enhanced demand of paper products like Napkins, Tissue paper and other related paper products. Though there is decline in domestic paper demand due to the recent recession, and climate change issues. There is also consumers’ increasing preference for electronic versus paper media that have substantially affected this industry. Thus, assessing its economic contribution is crucial to its trade during covid19 pandemic. We may opt out of trading in paper due to these facts but what often go unnoticed is opportunity in crisis. Products made of recycled paper, the paper that is already present in the world is an opportunity worth relying on. Paper recycling has a number of important benefits: It saves waste paper from getting stocked in people's home and the resultant release of methane. Fiber in paper contain carbon , recycling of the paper keeps the carbon locked up for longer and out of the atmosphere.

Trade in UAE:

A negative impact on all major industries the world over, UAE has still retained paper and allied industries as an important component of it's economy. In Global south especially, which UAE is a part of, the paper and allied products industry is the largest contributor to the region’s economy due to broader forest products industry.

NoorCo keeps a data driven approach while selecting a commodity to trade. Profitable commodities are given easy sourcing at NoorCo. Paper is an important commodity that has competitive prices in every situation. Trade in paper is unharmed by whatever the economy is going through. In recent years, export markets for most grades of recovered paper and paper products is growing .