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Retread Tyres

Retread Tyres

Retread Tyres

NoorCo has huge consumer base in thirteen countries of Africa, Asia and Middle East. NoorCo captures economic and political conditions to track profitability. Technical analysis and data interpretation goes hand in hand when trading in retreaded tyres.

NoorCo ensures this through their experience. Among other commodities NoorCo ensures easy sourcing for retreaded tyres.


Trading in UAE:

UAE has emerged as the hub of retreaded tyres as premium brand carcasses is easy to find here. There is no tyre recycling facility in UAE , so there is vast discarded stock to choose from. UAE itself is the major epicenter of automative needs due to large oil reserves. Country has affluent customers with contacts and business with developed countries of the world. Given this case, demands of resilient and tyres are growing at rapid pace. Markets of equatorial regions like India , Africa and Middle East particularly has high demand due to high wear and tear given climatic conditions. Thus, developing countries has a huge consumer base of retreaded tyres who are in search of cheaper options. UAE exports attracts them due to its significant reserves and competitive prices.

Economic benefits:

There are suspicions around retreaded tyres many times of their failure chances compared to new rubber but with the emergence of new technology and international guidelines, they're reused world over without worry. Although, these guidelines and regulations increase the cost but they're still cheaper than new ones, making them an attractive commodity to trade in. Retreaded tyres gives better mileage by reducing cost of travel per mile. New tyres can be retreaded three or four times depending on the quality of new ones.

NoorCo trading provides trading opportunities in a wide range of retreaded tyres. It is extremely common world around to find tyres that are given second Life through 'remoulding' or 'retreading'. The quality of these retreaded tyres is kept such that they are comparable to new branded ones.

To trade in retreaded tyres is a good deal for both profit making and environment. Reusing these tyres reduce the waste generated and tyres are as good as new ones. This is the reason that retreaded tyres are in high demand world over. Industrial vehicles, School buses, government vehicles make use of these tyres to reduce waste and cost. Retread tyres are legally available in the region of Gulf cooperation council.