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Precious Metals

Precious Metal Trade

Precious Metal

  • Metal: Gold, Silver, Platinum
  • Headquarters: Dubai, UAE.
  • Country: Asia, UK, Turkey, Europe.
  • Started Year: 2016
  • Chairman Noorul Arfeen

NoorCo offers trading services for precious metal in UAE

Gold, Silver and Platinum are the Valuable class of assets NoorCo offers trading services in. Dubai, the city of UAE was named the City of Gold due to its historical Gold reserves. Volume of UAE Gold trading has been rising and accounts for 29% of the total country's non-oil exports. Council ministry has recently announced the necessary measures to further growth in the gold sector. There will be a UAE Good Delivery standard for Gold as a benchmark of its quality. NoorCo ensures these specifications to track profitability and ensuring growth. NoorCo trading considers Gold as a hedge against inflation and a commodity trade worth considering due to its high demands in jewels, accessories and scientific research needs. Silver and platinum aren't far behind either.

First, Silver is heavily utilised for industrial manufacturing- and that means modern needs like for renewable energy in photovoltaic cells and solar panels, solders and brazing alloys, electronics in the coming digital age etc. Second, If you add Silver used in jewellery and accessories, that adds to another 200 million plus trade prospect. It's pick up for long term energy needs bodes it as a well paid and reliable commodity.

What's precious and saves earth has to be valued.

Top UAE export partners- Japan ,India and Iran have significant precious metal demands. With the benefits of trading in Gold, silver is unique: due to its extensive demand in various industries both raw and manufacturing. It's profitability is based on its more dynamic price than any other metals. NoorCo provides informed trading in it. NoorCo has very strategically placed Silver in its business lines considering these shiny future prospects. It's market value is considered as money kept secured.

Trading is high per unit in platinum due to its scarce supply.

It's a well known fact that there are fewer platinum deposits than silver and gold and that dictates it as a most priced precious metal. Because of supply scarcity it's price are relatively unstable, and can go double the gold or down below. Political and economic crisis often has an impact. But it's Industrial demand due to wear and tarnish resistance are unaffected of the risk. Technical analysis go hand in hand with trading in platinum, which NoorCo ensures.

Ready to trade in Gold, Silver & Platinum